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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Remember how Mark Shuttleworth justified moving the window titlebar widgets to the left by claiming the space freed up on the right side could now be used for something else? On his blog, Shuttleworth unveiled what, exactly, Ubuntu's plans are: window indicators, or 'windicators'. In a nutshell, it comes down to having a tray area in every window.
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RE: Menus are evil
by r_a_trip on Tue 4th May 2010 14:39 UTC in reply to "Menus are evil"
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Never have I or anyone who can use a computer closed a window due their closeness.

My, my, seems if people disagree with the proposal, they are just labeled computer illiterate and can be ignored...

Menus are not evil and they are more efficient than cramming lots of icons in plain sight.

This is not about accidentally clicking on close. This is about the proposal being a frickin' stupid way of designing stuff.

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