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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Discussions of Apple's strict control over the app store often do not mention that you can deploy cross platform apps using web applications. HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS should allow you to create compelling, applications without having to distribute through Apple. "I am convinced that the HTML5 app route is the best one for a fat slice of the non-game iPhone apps currently out there, especially those that are simple and face stiff competition. Increased interoperability will help them more than a relative lack of eye candy will hinder them. The problem is convincing clients of that."
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by strcpy on Wed 5th May 2010 05:04 UTC
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This is getting annoying.

General purpose computers are dead and general purpose programming is dead. HTML5, browsers, flash, h264.

The Cloud.

Is everyone here a web programmer? Or does everyone here go with this nonsense? Why is OSNews constantly pushing this?

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RE: Annoying
by google_ninja on Wed 5th May 2010 12:33 in reply to "Annoying"
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This isn't new. Every time anyone mentions app store beefs to apple, they say "fine, go build a webapp"

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RE: Annoying
by AnyoneEB on Wed 5th May 2010 16:17 in reply to "Annoying"
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There are people in this thread talking about using HTML5 as a purely client-side platform, only using the web as the delivery method for the application, by using HTML5's local storage for remember data instead of sending it back to a server.

I agree that having applications live in cloud is generally not a good thing, but HTML5/CSS/Javascript with canvas and local storage can be used as a normal development platform that is more or less supported by every computer (running a modern browser). It is not as good as native apps for a lot of applications, but I think that could be fixed by improving HTML5 and improving browser support. I like the idea of having cross-platform apps, especially with the growing smartphone market causing a new proliferation of significant consumer OSes (as opposed to just having Windows, Mac OS X, and *nix as development targets).

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