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Legal While Eugenia has already detailed just how intricate and impressive the MPEG-LA's efforts have been to basically set up the foundations that would allow them to sue just about everyone - their vague and unclear licenses are used in everything from DVD players to digital camcorders, and as such, it's hard to avoid them. Many others claim that the MPEG-LA won't ever go rogue (or this, take your pick). I think those people will be interested to know that one of the MPEG-LA's subsidiaries, a cut-and-clear patent troll, has launched several patent infringement suits earlier this year. This patent troll's CEO? Larry Horn - yes, the same Larry Horn who's also CEO of the MPEG-LA.
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What does the last line mean?
by MissTJones on Thu 6th May 2010 14:28 UTC
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What does the last line's crack about Flash video mean?

Flash video is mostly moving towards H.264, and anything that uses that codec via Flash faces the exact same issues.

To be precise Adobe are paying these guys already to distribute Flash, and if in 5 years they charge for web streaming it will apply regardless of if the video is watched via Flash or native in HTML5.

We've only been discussing this to death, you'd think we'd have mastered these subtle technical distinctions by now.

Plus, we shouldn't be annoying Adobe on this particular issue. By getting them to adopt VP8 (or if desperate using the already deployed VP6) they have the ability to decide this codec shenanigans in favour of royalty-free codecs if they want to. We'll need to serve something to the poor souls running IE6-8 and I'd rather not have multiple files if it's not necessary.

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What does the last line's crack about Flash video mean?

I meant it like this: you'd almost long for the days before this HTML5 video discussion.

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"serve something to the poor souls running IE6-8"

Why, not providing easy Youporn viewing will motivate them to upgrade to IE9.. MS has less IE6~8 to support and they push users forward to the current IE version (well, users that don't move to a better and more open browser).

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With flash, you can use whatever codec is installed on the computer. That's an advantage over HTML5 (but that's not comparable: one is a third-party application, the other's a standard).

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