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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Dear Ubuntu, for the last couple years life has been good. Every time I've shown you to a friend or family member, they've compared you to what they're familiar with--Windows XP or Vista, mostly--and by comparison you've looked brilliant. Yeah, your ugly brown color scheme was a bit off-putting at first, but once people saw how secure, simple, and reliable you were, the response was almost universally positive. But recently, things have changed ..."
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RE[3]: Worthless
by nt_jerkface on Sun 9th May 2010 23:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Worthless"
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A family member bought a top-of-the-line computer with Vista a couple of years ago. The specs of the machine were amazing for the time, and still competitive today, but she was constantly frustrated with the slowness and instability of Vista.

She probably had junk running in the background or hadn't updated the system past SP1.

Windows 7 is a little better for older machines but on something new there is really no difference. I have machines with XP, Vista and 7 and my opinion is that upgrading from Vista to 7 is a waste of money unless you are running an older single core machine. There are plenty of benchmarks that support this assertion. Upgrading from XP is worth it though for the security and aesthetic improvements.

Speaking of Vista the screenshot on that post is clearly Vista and not 7. Not only does it have the older taskbar but the root drive in the explorer Window is labeled Vista. That blogger has zero experience running Vista or 7 and is not in a position to make comparisons. This story should be removed.

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RE[4]: Worthless
by Beachchairs on Mon 10th May 2010 07:56 in reply to "RE[3]: Worthless"
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Actually it probably is Windows 7.

You may notice the task bar still has the show desktop button that didn't exist in Vista. Also, Vista had a much darker task bar. To make the Windows 7 taskbar look like that, select Properties and select 'Use small icons', and change 'Taskbar buttons:' to 'Never combine'.

About the drives: just because C is the standard root letter, doesn't mean it has to be. It very well could be the E drive is root.

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RE[5]: Worthless
by nt_jerkface on Mon 10th May 2010 16:54 in reply to "RE[4]: Worthless"
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Hmmm I didn't know you could change the taskbar style to the old one.

But that still undermines his argument which is that Ubuntu needs to be worried due to the new Windows GUI. Windows looked the same when Vista came out.

Regardless I noticed that the author changed the image to a desktop that looks like Windows 7.

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