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BeOS & Derivatives Two news items about alternative operating system news in a row? What is this, Christmas? In any case, the Haiku project, the darling of OSNews (hey it's okay now), has released its second alpha release. This new stable development release contains some serious improvements over the first alpha.
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RE[3]: Making progresses, but...
by DOSguy on Mon 10th May 2010 20:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Making progresses, but..."
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The tabbed windows border. It would become something useful if I could move the tab all around the window (including around the left, right, and bottom borders) and create tabbed windows in the way the newer KDE 4 does, but at the moment it's just harder to grab windows border with nothing in compensation.

You can drag the tab by holding SHIFT, but it stays on the top side. I really like your suggestion of being able to drag the tab all around the window, though.
Recently I saw a video that demonstrated the grouping of multiple windows into one, just like KDE can do, but I don't think this functionality is in this Alpha release.

I've been trying the new Haiku release for the past few hours and although it isn't perfect, it has been a very solid experience so far. ( and yes, I'm enjoying it in my lappie's native resolution ;) )

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Highly interesting ! I'd love to see all of this make its way into Haiku, it's just brilliant !
Some afterthoughts, after the "wow" effect stopped :
-> When windows are grouped in an "horizontal" fashion (ie you see both at the same time), the border between them should be thinner, to let the user know about the different resizing behavior.
-> Why not introduce a "dummy tab" which allows closing all tabs and gets the resizing button while removing it from all other tabs ? It'd also allow moving all grouped tabs at the same time but easily managing tabs independently through left click (in a google chrome-like way)

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