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Internet & Networking It annoys me that Flash is required for most video sites. Especially when Flash isn't available on a lot of devices or at least not the latest, required version. Whenever I try to use my Internet Tablet to watch shows on sites like Hulu, Veoh, Crackle, Joost, etc., I can't, because they require a newer version of Flash, and I'm stuck with what I have. Thankfully not every site uses the latest version. At least not yet anyways.
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Why wouldn't Adobe just apply those patches to Flash proper if they were improvements?

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Incompatible forks can happen for all sorts of reasons.

With something like Flash you could have someone who rips out functionality as a way to increase performance. Or someone who adds functionality like an ad skipping button which Adobe wouldn't want to include.

It's easy to have a conflict of interest in open source since software can't be made to please everyone. Forks happen and the small size of Flash and conflicting interest over issues like DRM and ads would easily result in incompatible versions.

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