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OSNews, Generic OSes There's one complaint we here at OSNews get thrown in our faces quite often: what's up with the lack of, you know, operating system news on OSNews? Why so much mobile phone news? Why so much talk of H264, HTML5, and Flash? Where's the juicy news on tomorrow's operating systems? Since it's weekend, I might as well explain why things are the way they are. Hint: it has nothing to do with a lack of willingness.
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"syllable is dead"
by cipri on Sun 16th May 2010 19:25 UTC
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"syllable is dead" (quoting tom).

I was all the time asking myself if it's just me who has the impression makes very little, (till no real progress). Once I told Kaj, that I have the impression that syllable is stagnating, he said, that in fact, syllable is very successul, because he can see it on the download statistics :-).

They are not 100% dead, but, since more developers didn't have the same opinion as kaj, they have choosen to go, because kaj is something like "the king of syllable", considering himself a "co-leader". Vanders seems to be somehow absent (without having kaj under control), even he is officially the leader.
(not to mention, that that kaj is not a c++ developer, just ask him about the last c++ application he wrote ;) ).
I suppose, this happens, when a non-(c++)-developer, takes control over the leader-ship of an operating system.

I'm sure kaj, even today, will tell you that they are vey succesfull :-)
(even in the changelog of the last year, you find mostly just minor improvements). It's more than 1 year since syllable 0.6.6. was released, I'm curious when 0.6.7 will be released, and how big the changelog will be :-).
(I think the bad periode of syllable has began with the intruduction of syllable server, which is based on linux, this is what other syllable developers told me too).

I'm glad, that my impression about the current state of syllable, seems to be shared by tom too.

I'm thinking: "syllable is dead, and kaj has killed it".

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