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Internet & Networking Lightspark, the project that aims to create an LLVM-based Free Flash payer, has reached beta status. "JIT compilation of ActionScript to native x86 bytecode using LLVM; hardware accelerated rendering using OpenGL Shaders (GLSL); very good and robust support for current-generation ActionScript 3; a new, clean codebase exploiting multithreading and optimized for modern hardware. Designed from scratch after the official Flash documentation was released."
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Tried it out...
by leech on Thu 20th May 2010 22:41 UTC
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Got to love Arch Linux. Lightspark-git is already in the AUR, I installed it this morning and....

Well Firefox and Epiphany simply crashed when I went to a site with flash.

But here's to hoping that it will one day become very useful!

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RE: Tried it out...
by Kroc on Thu 20th May 2010 22:44 in reply to "Tried it out..."
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Er, here’s hoping one day we can invent our own technologies instead of reimplementing closed ones and forever chasing a moving target.

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RE[2]: Tried it out...
by zlynx on Fri 21st May 2010 00:40 in reply to "RE: Tried it out..."
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Oh, there's no end to the number of open source weird projects out there.

The problem is that since none of them are commercial, none of them are commercially successful. Most weird little projects fail to provide all the things a successful commercial project provides: technical support, documentation, user-friendly authoring tools.

"Java" must have been invented over a dozen times before Sun got behind Java and really pushed it. It took them years. Flash took years to get to where it is. Microsoft with Silverlight is pushing hard, and not getting much of anywhere. So what hope does some half-baked LISP plugin (for example) with lousy docs and no authoring tools have? None.

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RE: Tried it out...
by on Fri 21st May 2010 05:47 in reply to "Tried it out..." Member since:

it also crashed for me. after a few updates now it displays an error message.

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