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OS/2 and eComStation After god knows how many years, it's finally here: the final release of eComStation 2.0. We first reported on eComStation 2.0 back in December 2005, when the first beta was released, and between then and now, we've seen countless betas and release candidates come and go, but the wait is finally over.
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Yes, I have to agree. I would actually only have to pay the upgrade fee as I have bought each of the previous versions. But, frankly, it's still too much considering that I really only have it around in a VM for nostalgic reasons. None of my clients now use OS/2, so I have no need to for an eCS test bed any longer (I do database and web app work mostly).

Of course, if your main OS is eCS, then I suspect that the upgrade fee is actually rather good value for money. A lot of work has gone into this release, and despite the fact that the OS is perhaps neither the prettiest nor that very well known, it does serve a market and does so extremely well (rock stable, lots of up to date software, especially open source but also commercial stuff).

So, although I won't be buying it (unless they drop the price or do a promo), I do wish both the development team and the OS itself all the best.

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by frajo on Sat 22nd May 2010 13:43 in reply to "RE: This would be more exciting..."
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the fact that the OS is perhaps neither the prettiest
How can prettiness be a fact?

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RE: factfinding
by Sparrowhawk on Sun 23rd May 2010 15:54 in reply to "factfinding"
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"the fact that the OS is perhaps neither the prettiest
How can prettiness be a fact? "

Relax, I was actually defending eCS. As my point clearly states, I said 'perhaps not the prettiest', implying subjectivity. After which I went on to explain what it did offer, namely stability and continuity.

An OS really is not something you should get quite so worked up about. I like eCS. I don't find that it offers anything compelling for me now though, as none of my clients use it any longer. That's really not a criticism of the platform by any stretch of the imagination.

You like eCS. Great. Enjoy it. It's a good platform, imo.

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