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Google Google employees have always had a remarkable amount of freedom when it comes to what operating system they wanted to run on company computers - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, it was all fine. Since the China attacks, however, this has changed: Windows is no longer welcome on Google computers.
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RE[3]: Using Chrome OS
by lemur2 on Tue 1st Jun 2010 23:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Using Chrome OS"
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What I was getting at is this, if Google were to insist employees use Chrome OS then this probably would not extend as far as the developers or support teams unless they modified a version of Chrome OS for this purpose.

Do you know what "cross-platform" actually means?

Development on GNU/Linux with its multitude of of IDEs in conjunction with gcc can target a huge array of end platforms and architectures.

Even Chrome OS, even Chrome OS running on any of these architectures:
composing programs in any of these source languages:

can be targetted by a developer running an IDE in conjunction with gcc.

I note with interest that even Google's Go language is to be targetted.

The GCC steering committee has recently announced that it will also support the Go programming language in GCC 4.5 or later.

You can run Chrome OS itself under a virtual machine.

The IDE and gcc can itself run on many platforms, including Mac OSX and GNU/Linux.

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