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Morphos And the MorphOS team continues to expand their hardware support. They released MorphOS version 2.5 today, which adds support for Apple's eMac computers (the 1.25Ghz models, the 1.42 models have not yet been tested). Of course, there's also a whole load of fixes and improvements, too.
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Take for example, the cipboard. We take this for granted, but it is an awful piece of UI if there ever was one. You click copy and *nothing happens*. You are expected to understand what is happening within the black box.

How could it be done otherwise without a visually bloated interface which displays endless amount of popups like "I copied something !", "I cancelled something !", "Oh, look, I just found a Wi-Fi network around ! Be sure to try it out !" ? Such a popup is fine for something which happens rarely, not for something which is done everyday.

You say that nothing happened, however I see that...
-> The "copy" link got highlighted when the mouse was hovering it.
-> When I clicked it, as soon as the command was acknowledged, the OS made the popup menu disappear as visual feedback.

In my opinion, for a function as commonly used as copy and paste, it is safe to assume that the user will take a week to get used to it, if he/she is going to use this feature for 10 years long.

My sqrt(2) ct however...

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Is one possibility. We have to copy and paste so much because apps just don’t talk to each other in a meaningful way.

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