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KDE "The latest in the 4.x series of the KDE Software Compilation is due to be released in early August 2010. With the first beta of this release recently unleashed, I thought I'd download the openSuse packages and see what 4.5 has got in store for us."
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by Fettarme H-Milch on Wed 9th Jun 2010 00:37 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ...I"
Fettarme H-Milch
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is anyone in the KWin world even investigating these problems?

I don't know, but considering that there's no fund raiser for graphics cards for KWin devs, I don't know how you'd even expect voluntary community workers to investigate this.
AFAIK the last person to be paid on KWin was SUSE's Lubos Lunak who -- while still being involve in KDE -- now does other things for his employer (Novell/SUSE), like the KDE Desktop integration helper app for Firefox.

Community FOSS contributors already do work for free. It would be very rude to expect from them that in addition to their voluntary work, they also buy all sorts of graphics cards to investigate a problem that's likely not even caused by them.

This shows once again why it's the GPU manufacturer's responsibility to do that work. They do the driver programming already. They have all sorts of their own GPU models at hand for free.

So if current drivers did not fix the problem, try different ones: The proprietary ATI drivers (on the Radeon) and Nouveau 3D for NVidia hardware. If one of the drivers does not have the problem and the driver is the only component that has changed, the result is pretty clear: Faulty driver. Report the bug for it.

Then it could also be the fault of Xorg. Try different versions of it: The newest and an older one. Problem only on one version: Report an Xorg bug.

If the performance regression persists through all setups, only then you can be sure it's a KWin bug.

Yeah, it's a lot of testing. But think of it: If you are expecting the voluntary KWin devs to "investigate" this, be aware that the devs have to do all the steps as well -- for all sorts of graphics cards they need to buy themselves.

Btw, if you have -- at least to some degree -- found out the cause for your regressions, try to reproduce it with openSUSE and Fedora and report the bug on the bug trackers of Novell and Red Hat (in addition to the upstream bug tracker). Unlike Canonical or some hobby distributor, Novell and Red Hat have capable developers who may be able to fix it.

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