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Linux This is a problem I've been dealing with for a while now. I have a Lexmark printer which I've bought without checking for compatibility with Linux (I bought it when I was still using Windows), and as it turns out, this printer is not supported in Linux. I switched to Linux on my main desktop full-time late last year, so instead of to my desktop, I hooked this printer up to my bedroom Windows 7 media server/HTPC, and whenever I need to print, I just drop the file in question on this machine, and print form there. I need a better solution. Update: As it turns out, Lexmark has recently started releasing Linux drivers (good stuff). Still, the problem at hand stands, as there might still be other printers that suffer from the same problem.
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Trust me, as an English speaker from England, it's perfectly valid and common to use 'and' in this context and have it relate to the reason of the remaining part of the statement.

I assume this is how most people will interpret it.

I feel I sound like one of those annoying, anal people picking an argument. I'm really not, I didn't expect it to go this way ;)

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that's how I, as an American, would interpret it as well. Language is funny. But belie e me I'd love to be good enough at my second language to only have slight issues with such tiny quibbles D:

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Dear gedmurphy, I am going to have to say that I am studying in London right now and I shall testify that many English cannot spell nor do grammar any more. It seems like the international students can write English better than the natives. And I am sure to find others that will agree with me, although we would still revere the masters of the Language, who are still predominantly English, which is decidedly still hopeful.

Need me to clarify? there? affect? anyone? What a shame it is.

When the Canadians, Americans and English and Australians stop appearing on failblog for their pathetic English, we can finally say something good about the education system. Until then, "political-correctness" and all that "love" and rubbish can go rot in <insert unpleasant entity>.

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