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Amiga & AROS After much, much development, the developers behind AmigaOS 4 have released the first alpha of Timberwolf, the AmigaOS 4 port of the Firefox web browser. I tried it out on my Amiga, and indeed confirmed that this is very much alpha material.
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RE: It'd be awesome...
by Raffaele on Fri 11th Jun 2010 14:47 UTC in reply to "It'd be awesome..."
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If they would also somehow get a working copy for those of us who don't want / can't be extorted for PPC prices... I have an Amiga 4000 with the stock processor, a Mediator, 100mb PCI card and 64mb radeon. The one thing it's missing is a browser that is... well not crap. OWB is out for it, but it's a much older version, and I don't think I had much luck using it. The Amiga computers and OS were just plain awesome.

You can use ongoing NETSURF browser born in RiscOS scene and then ported to Amiga also!

But remember that you need lots of RAM!

These are the system requirements:

* AmigaOS 3.x
* Picasso / CGX graphic card
* 64 MB Ram (128MB for more demanding sites)
* 020 CPU, for comfortable browsing 060 or WinUAE
* AfaOS for truetype fonts

Also if you have the latest version of the Mediator PCI BUS extension card, it can tricky the Amiga hardware and use SVGRAM from 256MB ATI Radeon PCI graphic card as it was Amiga System FAST RAM!

In this offer you receive not only the best Amiga PCI buboard, but also the fastest Amiga gfx card equipped with the analogue SVGA and digital DVI output and 256MB of the fast SGRAM memory. You can freely decide how many of the SGRAM memory will be used by the P96 gfx system and how many of this memory will be added to the Amiga memory system as a Zorro III Fast RAM. In example you can assign 32MB for P96 and 224MB as a Zorro III Fast RAM

Else, if you need more RAM for your A4000 and you don't have latest MEDIATOR and/or you do not want to afford one of the MEDIATOR latest models, which can trick the Video RAM as 32bit Amiga System Fast RAM, then you can purchase also newly made Zorro III RAM Expansion cards from Amikit online shop: is pleased to announce immediate availability of ZorRAM

ZorRAM is a new modern memory card for Zorro 3 Amiga 3000(T) and 4000(T) computers.

The new card can be supplied with 128MB of SDRAM memory as standard and 256MB of SDRAM memory as an product option.

It features a low profile Zorro III expansion card and has full Autoconfig support.

Direct Product Links:




Canada: - Amiga Computer Store

I hope I was of some help for you and for your incoming navigation with A4000 and Netsurf browser, and hope I helped also for infos on about hardware solutions if you need RAM for your A4000 machine to surf the Internet. ;)

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