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Windows Yes, the day is finally drawing closer: the day Windows XP died. October 22, 2010 will be the final and definitive day for the venerable operating system, since OEMs will no longer be able to pre-load it on netbooks after that day. I might not make myself popular around here with this, but thank god, it's about time that pile of junk is taken behind the shed.
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by vodoomoth on Fri 11th Jun 2010 23:39 UTC
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I have to disagree with Thom here, XP has never been that horrible experience to me, to the point that dragging windows leads to lags or artifacts on the screen.

I bought two Asus EeePC 1001HA netbooks and brought them back to Africa in April. I was amazed at the speed and responsiveness of apps. Maybe because of the hardware being so recent.

I'm also using XP on a September 2003 Acer laptop, single core with an AMD Athlon 3000 (796Mhz) and 512 MB, that is constantly on for tor, BOINC, Opera Unite applications and backup. Less impressive but meets my needs when it comes to these tasks, browsing and playing (very?) old games in DosBox.

All three computers run XP SP3. Mine boots in 30 seconds on average, despite all my usual programs being installed, with some of them launched at startup. That's 1/6th of the time Vista takes to boot on my other laptop, a 2Ghz Core2 Duo with 2MB of RAM. That's 6 or 7 seconds more than Ubuntu 10.04 on the same old system. I've experienced more crashes on a few days of Ubuntu + KDE than with XP (exactly 1) in 6 weeks.

True, XP is unwieldy: I can't use WPA on the built-in wifi a/b card unless I switch to the admin account and launch the Realtek wifi utility first. Options are buried in arcane places, etc. It has its flaws, but much less than Vista. If I want to switch from normal account to admin, I need less than 2 seconds to get the login screen on XP. I've never, ever, had less than 20 seconds on Vista for that same procedure.

But it's not the turtle you are describing. And, despite using Snow Leopard and Ubuntu, I've never thought of the experience as that bad.

The comparison with Ubuntu is not fair if it's 10.04. Comparing it with 7 is not either: 8 years, a debacle and probably a "prise de conscience" in between. Vista is a more suitable contender in a comparison. And in this match, the experience on XP is way better than on Vista.

I guess different people with different computing cultures get different impressions. But I disagree.

Microsoft should have killed Vista. Doesn't even have the puppy eyes. Never reached half the market share of XP. Will Windows 7 ever reach that market share?

I forgot: the speed of apps has more to do with the apps than with the OS. Anyone with Visual Studio 2008 and OpenOffice should do a little experiment.

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