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Multimedia, AV It's been a very long wait, but the release is finally here: Adobe has released Flash Player 10.1. Since Flash has come under increasing scrutiny, there's a lot at stake here for Adobe. This release is supposed to use far less resources while still being faster, more stable, and more secure. Update: No 64bit Flash player for now - on any platform. The Linux beta has been axed.
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Major pain in the *** !
by torturedutopian on Sat 12th Jun 2010 11:31 UTC
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Well, I'm pretty sure this is a major update.

Still, Flash is the only piece of software that ruins (IMHO) my Linux user experience.

- extremely slow (particularly in fullscreen with HD video, I have to wait for several seconds before the GUI reacts... And my setup is pretty recent)

- the 64 bits alpha was even slower !

- the 10.1 version doesn't work properly with ndiswrapper (64 bits linux version) and there's no more 64 bits version

I'm really completely fed up with this piece of software. Apart from that, my Linux experience is really smooth and pleasant, but this tends to ruin it all.

Not to mention the fact that flash is the single piece of software that prevents me from using some other alternative OS'es with being dumbly stuck. (I could switch to Haiku for instance, or I could still own a PPC machine, and so on, if flash wasn't a blocker)

And no, the OS / setup is not at fault. I can run state of the art games through wine, plays videos with a very small cpu usage with VLC + video acceleration / VDPAU support etc. But flash gives the feeling my computer is 10 years older.

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