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Windows Yes, the day is finally drawing closer: the day Windows XP died. October 22, 2010 will be the final and definitive day for the venerable operating system, since OEMs will no longer be able to pre-load it on netbooks after that day. I might not make myself popular around here with this, but thank god, it's about time that pile of junk is taken behind the shed.
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I have to agree, It's time to put windows xp out to pasture, but I wonder just how long microsoft will keep the activation servers for XP online. I remember reading somewhere that when they got ready to take XP behind the shed they would release a patch that permanently turns off the activation feature.

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I recall when 98SE was finally put out to pasture, Microsoft mailed out a CD with all of the final patches and upgrades. Maybe they'll do something like that for XP.

I'm an XP user, and built a new XP machine as recently as January. Immediately after though I did a Windows 7 build and was quite impressed. XP is great, but if doing a new machine tomorrow it'd be with 7.

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