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Microsoft "Microsoft has fixed the distribution scope of a toolbar update that, without the user's knowledge, installed an add-on in Internet Explorer and an extension in Firefox called Search Helper Extension. Microsoft told us that the new update is actually the same as the old one; the only difference is the distribution settings. In other words, the update will no longer be distributed to toolbars that it shouldn't be added to. End users won't see the tweak, Microsoft told Ars, and also offered an explanation on what the mystery add-on actually does."
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RE[2]: Gotta love it
by vaette on Sat 12th Jun 2010 19:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Gotta love it"
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That's just precious. Why would Microsoft "on purpose" install a piece of software that gives them no advantage at all since it does nothing?

I have no idea what made you such a bitter suspicious person, but I think you need to try to get a bit more perspective.

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RE[3]: Gotta love it
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 12th Jun 2010 20:31 in reply to "RE[2]: Gotta love it"
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I have no idea what made you such a bitter suspicious person, but I think you need to try to get a bit more perspective.

Companies like...

...wait for it...


Pay more attention to their actions, read some of their history and past "news" stories they'd rather you not know about, and maybe you too will realize that they can't (or shouldn't) blindly be trusted. At least not completely. IMO, no business should be 100% blindly trusted, but that's beside the point; this just applies to some companies more than others. Microsoft is certainly on this list of companies to watch out for.

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RE[4]: Gotta love it
by darknexus on Sun 13th Jun 2010 02:24 in reply to "RE[3]: Gotta love it"
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To watch out for, certainly, just as you have to watch out for a convicted felon once they're released from jail to make sure there's no relapse back into crime. However, the chance is often given and there are actually people who change. I think the same can be applied to companies too. Are Microsoft a shining example of perfection? Hell no, and given how large they are it's doubtful they will ever be. But is anyone or anything perfect when you boil right down to it? A healthy dose of caution is always best, but there's no sense living in the past. If everyone thought like you seem to, that "Oh, well this is what happened before", we'd never have developed anything in the first place, since many successful efforts begin with a failed attempt. WE, as a species, would've just said oh well that failed and never attempted anything again.

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RE[3]: Gotta love it
by Jokel on Mon 14th Jun 2010 18:23 in reply to "RE[2]: Gotta love it"
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Hmmm... what makes you so sure it does nothing?

Have you seen the source? Do you know what exactly this code does? If not - you are only guessing what this code does...

Given the history Microsoft has, it is very unlikely this was "just" a bug. As a matter of fact - how likely it is a "bug" can target a specific application and installs without any hiccup? I would say the suggestion it is a "bug" is very, very, very, very unlikely.

Keep an eye on Firefox thats has this "bug" installed. I would not surprise me to see strange things going to happen after a while. Especially keep an eye on performance, search actions, and an "out of the blue" virus or something...

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