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BeOS & Derivatives Andrew Hudson, whose recent article on BFS over at ARSTechnica intrigued us, shares with us some thoughts on the state of apps on Haiku. It turns out there are several repositories with a vast array of applications ready-to-go for your new Haiku install.
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RE: pacman
by cb88 on Mon 14th Jun 2010 18:49 UTC in reply to "pacman"
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aljen made a more recent port than that but it was integrated into the haiku build system I don't know if the patch is still around.... it might be worth asking

Pacman itself wouldn't be ideal... but it is just a frontend

what would be neat is to the pacman libraries with a native haiku frontend... some small and simple applications can be installed via the packagefs system which is in development. However, large complex programs will probably always need a more normal package manager for which libpacman fits the bill quite nicely since there are already multiple projects using it it will probably be well supported in the future as well.

libpacman + BeGui could also be complemented by combining it with haikuports so that similar to arch some packages could be rolling release for instance Web+ updates or the latest and greatest blender... which probably wouldn't mean a complete rebuild of the system.

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