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Linux All of us who use computers create a problem we rarely consider. How do we dispose of them? This is no small concern. Estimates put the number of personal computers in use world-wide today at about one billion. The average lifespan of a personal computer is only two to five years. We can expect a tidal wave of computers ready for disposal shortly, and this number will only increase. And as if that isn't challenge enough, there are already several hundred million computers out-of-service, sitting in attics and basements and garages, awaiting disposal.
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I've done and it really works!
by Anusko on Wed 16th Jun 2010 00:39 UTC
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Last year, myself and 2 friends done this. We are Portuguese MSc CS students and we have two courses where we have to, someway, get soft-skills. We thought about this and we done it. We got 5 donated old computers, cleaned them, checked their hardware, installed Ubuntu Linux and offered them to a care center for all-age people with motor disabilities. From those 5 PCs, we delivered only 3 since 2 of them had something like 400/500MHz CPUs, what is becoming to be really old, so they just served as donors. If I remember correctly, the delivered 3 were a 2.4GHz Celeron (512MB RAM), a 1.4GHz P4 (384MB RAM) and a 933MHz P3 (384MB RAM). All of them offered very good performance on "normal" tasks like browsing the web, card games, OpenOffice suite, etc.! Flash videos were a mess on the 933MHz CPU but the other 2 handled them just fine (SD of course). The director and all center population were very, very thankful.

I'm a full-time Linux user. I don't touch a Windows machine for about 5 years. So if you want to see me as fanboy, go ahead... but the funny thing about this story is that I talked personally with the responsible for the Microsoft Imagine Cup in Portugal during the roadshow at my university, and I told him about our idea since the Imagine Cup sounded great for it ("Imagine a world where software can save lives! bla bla bla!"). When he heard about open source... forget it. So, don't forget kids: save the world... but only with Microsoft software!

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