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Oracle and SUN Sometimes, Google's search engine does a better job of telling us about IT vendors than the vendors' own public relations and marketing machines, which are often there mostly to deflect questions rather than answer them. So it is with the next commercial and development iterations of Oracle's Solaris Unix operating system.
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I have poor english skills my bad...

but back to the point, i have actually idea of what i am talking about. i was involved on two systems that were oracle top-down. everything running on solaris. and i had also to deal with their practices of "bullying" customers to upgrade their software. so i guess when oracle/ibm push customers around if okay but if ms does it is bad right? i know your type.

as much as i like java and related tools i want something with stability and clear development path. i dont see oracle changing the way sun behaved with jcp.i dont see how oracle will handle those tools. what i see is a clear divide in the "community" and no idea where to go next.

so you can cut all the rubbish "oh you dont have any idea of what you say". in my opion you probably live of a freetard fantasy... i need to pay my bills and if i need to learn .net for that i dont understand what is your problem.

i guess you will be one of those cobol dudes...

ps. sorry for typos but i was typing this on my mobile.

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According to Tiobe, Java is much greater than .NET.

I see lot of .NET and C# in my line of work. But that is only on the clients. All big Enterprise servers are developed in Java/C/C++, never C#. The reason is simple: a good implementation of C# exists only on Windows. And you never use Windows on big Enterprise servers. London Stock Exchange tried Windows recently, but is now migrating to Linux + Solaris because of problems.

You must use big Enterprise OSes on the large servers, different flavours of Unix or OpenVMS. If C# would have existed on these big Enterprise systems, then the server software would have been written in C#. But now that does not happen. On the servers we never see C#. C# is only good for clients.

-Big servers on Unix (with long lifespan) = Java/C/C++.

-Small client software on Windows (with short lifespan) = Java/C/C++/C#

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You must use big Enterprise OSes on the large servers, different flavours of Unix or OpenVMS.

What about Is that large enough?

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