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Internet Explorer Microsoft have released IE9 Platform Preview 3, an application that gives developers access to the IE9 rendering engine (it's not a full browser). In this update they have added hardware accelerated HTML5 Video, Canvas, Fonts (using WOFF) and big improvements in JavaScript with ES5, DOM Traversal, L2 and L3 events and 83/100 Acid3 score. It sits between Firefox and Chrome 6 on JavaScript speed, but outperforms every browser in real tests.
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RE[8]: Real tests
by Nelson on Sun 27th Jun 2010 20:29 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Real tests"
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"[q]However, just the API has landed to do this on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It's called Direct2D.

If I remember reading an article by a Microsoft developer - one of the questions I asked was regarding whether Microsoft could/would port GDI to Direct2D/DirectWrite so that GDI ran on top and merely relayed GDI calls through to Direct2D/DirectWrite. The reasoning he provided pretty much came down to two reasons; firstly they had limited time and would have loved to do it. Secondly the other problem is that it would have been very complex and very messy when one considers all the possibly variables one has to take into account.

I hope that with Windows 8 that full Direct2D and DirectWrite acceleration will come to the desktop but I have a feeling that that the grandparent (lemur2) to this thread is simply grasping at straws to justify his hate of Microsoft.

Sheesh! Direct2D is Windows-only. OpenGL is crippled on Windows, compared to the exact same hardware for other platforms. Of the top 5 browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, all except IE are cross-platform, and therefore only IE can use Direct2D.

That is not "hate", those are all straightforward facts. [/q]

Except that OpenGL is much harder to implement, and implement correctly. It is much less man hours of work to implement a Direct2D renderer. I know because prior to IE9 announcing GPU acceleration, I was working on a Direct2D cairo backend for just this purpose.

That aside though, I think people get too caught up in this cross platform idea, to the point where they take the focus off of the quality on each individual platform.

An example being how horrible Firefox on OSX was up until a few years. Sure, sharing technology is fine, but don't use it as an excuse to be lazy.

If Firefox can do it and achieve respectable performance in the little time it's had to implement Direct2D, others can certainly do it as well. You raising a stink about it is kinda muted by their great progress in this respect.

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