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Intel Intel has been working lately on "Atomising" the Android mobile OS in lieu of the upcoming Froyo (or 2.2) release so that it can be installed natively on x86 devices-- Atom-based netbooks in particular. Says Renee James, Senior VP for software and services at Intel: "Our expectation is that [native x86 Android] will be based on the Froyo release and will be available this summer to developers... [it] wasn't tremendously difficult, as we have a lot experience in Linux". The fun is supposed to arrive for developers this summer.
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by benoitb on Tue 29th Jun 2010 07:21 UTC
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The problems with this current android x86 implementation are:
- no intelligent management of usb storage (the first device you plug is mounted as the sd card)
- video is x264 only with 480pixels max
- I think there is no 3D acceleration
- many applications are now optimized with the NDK for ARM processors and won't run

Intel might solve the first 3 issues but will have difficulties solving the 3rd one.

I tried it on a eeePc 701. And I'd say it is an excellent OS for a netbook, I would love that Intel makes it really usable as my daily OS.

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