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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft has killed the Kin after only six weeks on the market. The first Windows Phone 7-ish phone apparently didn't sell, likely thanks to its too-high-for-the-demographic $30 data fee from Verizon.
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RE: Face it
by Governa on Thu 1st Jul 2010 21:27 UTC in reply to "Face it"
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Microsoft have zero ideas how to actually succeed in the mobile space.

I agree.

They seem determined to repeat Apple's mistakes like being locked to a specific carrier

I assume you are in the US? In the UK all the operators sell the iPhone (O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and H3G). Even Tesco, a chain of supermarkets, sells it! ;)

or having their phones require a specific plan.

What specific plan? Again you must be talking about the US, in the UK you can buy it unlocked or with a Pay Monthly contract or even with a regular Pay & Go SIM.

For example I just got an O2 Pay & Go SIM for free (most operators here give them away) to use with my 1st gen iPhone. I top up with 10 pounds per month and have 300 SMS and 500MB of data. There's nothing specific about it apart from the lack of Visual Voicemail maybe.

Earth to Microsoft: That only worked for Apple and only for a little while. You can, and should, do better!

The first iPhone came out in 2007. The iPhone 4 came out days ago and sold over 1.7 million units in 3 days. What do you mean by "it only worked (...) for a little while"?

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RE[2]: Face it
by darknexus on Fri 2nd Jul 2010 21:34 in reply to "RE: Face it"
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You'd be correct, I'm in the US. The Microsoft Kin phones were also going to be sold here, so I thought it an apt comparison. Microsoft, in this case, made the same mistake Apple did in this country. Further, I say it only worked for Apple for a little while because the they've pretty much hit the amount of people willing to switch to AT&T (who really aren't that great) in order to get the iPhone. Certainly Apple is still going to sell millions of iPhone 4's in the coming weeks, but most of them are going to be upgrades from previous AT&T phones (mostly older iPhones).
I'm glad Apple, at least outside of the US, weren't dumb enough to lock the iPhone to one carrier via a ridiculous five year contract.

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