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Legal So, there I am enjoying a nice Gilmore Girls episode after a long day's work, and Engadget's iPhone application brings the good news: the US Library of Congress has added a DMCA exemption for jailbreaking or rooting mobile phones! This is a major blow to Apple, who actively tried to keep jailbreaking a criminal offence, and a major win for everyone who believes that the phone you buy is actually yours, and not the manufacturer's.
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If you buy the phone, it's yours
by cmost on Tue 27th Jul 2010 01:06 UTC
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People don't seem to realize that these "phones" are really powerful little computers. Imagine how people would react if Microsoft (or Apple) dictated what software people could install on their PCs? Furthermore, what if they dictated which ISPs people could purchase Internet access from? Obviously, most people wouldn't stand for that and so they shouldn't when it comes to their smartphones either. I recently purchased an unlocked Nexus One (one of the last from Google's store before it shut down.) I LOVE it! While the Android platform still hasn't matured, it's getting there fast. The fact that the OS is Linux and that I can install my own custom ROMs or gain root access easily is satisfying, even if I never plan to do these things myself. Thanks to the thriving hacking community, owners of the original G1 (and similar vintage Android phones) can run the latest 'Froyo' OS update! If Apple were in charge, they's say "sorry Charlie..."

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and your free to break it the way you want, but that shouldn't be covered by the warranty.

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