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Gnome GNOME developer Dave Neary has posted the highlights of his work to determine where contributions to GNOME come from. This "Census" is a combination of data mining and surveys that gives a snapshot of gnome activity and the profile of a GNOME contributor. This project's aims were to answer three questions in particular: What does the developer community look like? What companies are investing in GNOME, and how? What does the commercial ecosystem around the GNOME project look like?
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Fettarme H-Milch
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Indeed. When Greg KH held his keynote with statistics from core OS parts Linux distributions Canonical's immediate excuse was "We care more about higher levels than that. That statistic is unfair."
I wonder how/if Canonical will respond to this. Will they present 100 Paper Cuts as "proof" that they are the only entity around that cares about usability even though most paper cuts aren't even fixed by Canonical staff?

As a side note: One Xorg developer pointed out on his blog that Canonical employees file bug reports to Red Hat, because they can't fix them themselves:

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Dylan McCall's comment is easily the most interesting.

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vivainio Member since:

Dylan McCall's comment is easily the most interesting.

The whole article is pretty interesting.

Dave Neary (the guy who did the census) also chips in as a voice of sanity in the discussion:

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