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Humor Now that I'm done with my internship and ready to take on OSNews again, I figured it'd be nice to start off with something light-hearted. I just read that Google bought an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a camera, ready to photograph whatever it flies across. We may consider Google's biggest threat to be privacy, but with all this computing power they have, their Street View cars, and now, unmanned flying drones, they look more and more like SkyNet to me. So, what's your most likely apocalyptic scenario?
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Third, I'd head out to some clothing shop with leather items. Leather is very tough material, not easy to break or get through, and as such cutting up some heavy leather jacket and wrapping around arms and legs would provide quite good protection. Especially arms and legs below knee are important to protect as those areas will be easy to zombies to reach.

+1: leather is edible.

I would rather build a tesla coil and tune it to the natural frequency of the Earth and charge up the Earth itself with AC resonating strong enough to take out the entire Earth's power supply. No form of intelligent life will threaten to attack me then -- I would protect my installation with a Faraday cage and that tesla coil would attack everything else that comes close.

There are tales of St. Elmo's fire out in the lawn I don't know how long in radius from Tesla's own laboratory when he did that stunt. Widespread power outage when he turned off his contraption to answer the door -- the police were trying to notify him of the weird phenomenon.

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