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Multimedia, AV Not too long ago, Apple added the Video Decode Acceleration framework to Mac OS X, allowing developers to get low-level access to hardware H264 acceleration. Adobe was quite thrilled about this, because they claimed this was needed for Flash video to become hardware accelerated on the Mac. This feature's been in beta for a while now, but yesterday they finally released it as part of a regular Flash Player update. Caveat: Apple's support for this framework can be a bit sketchy.
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So now where is the Flash 10.1 update for the Nokia N900?

Forget Apple, Adobe. They pretty much called you a bloated bitch to your face, and told you that you can't join the other children on their iPlayground.

Adobe's Creative Suite is the bread and butter of most Apple Mac fans. I could only imagine the implications of what would happen if they stopped releasing it for the Mac and instead ported it all over to Linux.

Sure, which GUI on Linux? That's the question commercial developers ask.

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Sure, which GUI on Linux?

Did you mean which widget toolkit? Like Qt, or GTK+? I'd prefer Qt. It could really be changed to Qt/GTK+ today and use the same interface, with the same look and feel across Operating Systems. If you're asking me, I prefer the look and api of Qt.

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You make it sound like there are a lot of choices, but really it comes down to Qt or GTK.

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You make it sound like there are a lot of choices, but really it comes down to Qt or GTK.

Being kind of biased, I would say that it just comes down to Qt.

Qt is the most-portable, modern, feature rich GUI library right now.

GTK+ is, though interesting, already showing its age.

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