T2 2.1.0-beta3 “serpentine” released

T2 is a system development environment. It provides a self-contained distribution build kit based on sources with an up-to-date development toolchain (gcc, glibc, uclibc, dietlibc, X.org, KDE, GNOME, etc.). Its basis is an automatic build system that makes it possible to either update a running system or create a binary distribution that can later be deployed via network or physical media. The system is extremely versatile and makes it possible to create sets of programs for different kinds of systems, from routers over desktops to high performance clusters, including different architectures and platforms.

The 2.1.0-beta3 release includes full uClibc support (which builds with far more packages than dietlibc), parallel build support for make and scons, support for x86-64. Ccache support now works more reliably with recent ccache releases, SPARC64 support was improved, bash 3 was fixed significantly, various bootdisk creation and file layout improvements were made, wide ncurses was added, and the nVidia binary-only driver now really does get installed. The numerous package updates included Linux 2.6.10, Linux 2.4.29, and a migration to aspell 0.60. Development tools for the Atmel AVR were included.

Although T2 is a Development Environemt to build customized distributions including LiveCDs, the project makde prebuild ISOs available for selected targets (e.g. desktop, server) and platforms (x86, powerpc).

The development trunk already includes enhanced cross compile support making it possible to fully cross build systems, an example for ARM PDAs is included.

Project homepage: http://www.t2-project.org


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