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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Fascinating stuff, but not entirely unexpected. As most of you will know, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is working on a tablet dubbed the BlackPad, and according to several sources reporting to Bloomberg, the device will ship with software written by QNs Software Systems, which RIM purchased earlier this year.
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Kiddy bashing
by jaco on Thu 19th Aug 2010 17:45 UTC
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> medical equipment, weapons systems, nuclear power
> plants, etc., where toys like Windows NT and Linux
> have no place

Is it really so difficult to talk positively about something, without bashing something else?

For the record, that those OSs have no place there is just a lie. Many mission critical things are running those, like it or not, although they may not be suited for some tasks, they excel in others.

But I suppose you already know...


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RE: Kiddy bashing
by Morgan on Thu 19th Aug 2010 22:48 in reply to "Kiddy bashing"
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In Thom's defense, I'm with him in thinking that Windows NT doesn't really belong in mission-critical or even financial situations, though probably not for the same reasons. I don't consider NT a toy and I'm not concerned that much about stability, but I am concerned about security as it has long been dropped from support by Microsoft. I for one don't want to see missiles launched at our enemy-of-the-week because some rogue internet terrorist found a back door in a 15 year old unmaintained OS.

As for Linux, my personal opinion has always been that it's just barely good enough for me as a daily desktop OS; I prefer OS X but I won't turn my nose up at Slackware or Linux Mint or (fill in the blank). Where it shines (given a well-tweaked kernel) is in the embedded space. I also think Android is the best prospect for becoming the dominant mobile OS for years to come, Oracle lawsuit notwithstanding. That doesn't help the "toy" accusation of course.

In the server space, I have always and will always prefer FreeBSD. It's hard to get more rock-solid than that.

As for QNX, well I'm glad to see it potentially put to good use in a consumer device. Now if only RIM would start using it as the backend of the BlackBerry OS!

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RE: Kiddy bashing
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 20th Aug 2010 23:21 in reply to "Kiddy bashing"
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I would say you're probably correct. There are a lot more instances of inappropriate OS choice, then we would really like to know. I have a nightmare that one day I'll wake up in a hospital and have my breathing machine bluescreen.

Linux is more acceptable to me in some of those use cases, as another poster posted its making its way in there. But if you ask me what I want to run the breathing machine I'm hooked up to, I'd prefer it to run Qnx.

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RE: Kiddy bashing
by bnolsen on Mon 23rd Aug 2010 14:37 in reply to "Kiddy bashing"
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This one is a strange bird.

I've worked with a guy who deploys systems for hydro power, natural gas wellhead controls, diesel engine monitoring and is currently working on a vehicle mounted astral telescope system project. They've very successfully redeployed from rtos to linux several years ago. The biggest reason? Cost control. And it works. One customer forced them to use windows as the controller, at that time they had to rewrite the whole windows scheduler to get it stable for real time monitoring (9 month effort).

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