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Legal Despite doing what I think are some great things for the American people, the Obama administration has a dark side. Joe Biden and many others on staff come straight from the RIAA camp, and it shows. Today, the Obama administration disregarded every US law relating to theft and copyright by stating that piracy is "flat, unadulterated theft".
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and music in high quality, rather than hearing muffled sounds in the distance.

Hah! If only. I would gladly pay the $100+ CDN ticket price for a lot more acts ... if they would actually spend 10 minutes (or more!!) getting the acoustics right, instead of just flipping every dial to 11 and going for coffee.

There's nothing worse than going to a concert and not understanding a thing they are saying, or even being able to figure out what song is playing, because there's 120,000 Watts of pure noise being pumped off the stage.

I'll spend $20 CDN on a CD with good acoustic (although those are getting harder and harder to find) levels and listen at home, thank you very much.

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