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Apple A whole lot of Apple news of course, but we've never really done music players or streaming devices, so let's skip the barrage of new iPods and the new Apple TV (streaming-only? Fail). The real meat is of course iOS 4.1 and 4.2, both of which were detailed during today's press event.
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RE[2]: Meh...
by macUser on Fri 3rd Sep 2010 21:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Meh..."
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Why the assumption that ATV runs iOS?

The software for the new ATV looks to be almost identical in appearance and functionality to the software for the old ATV. It just doesn't do local storage. It almost certainly *is* the same old software, with some changes and just compiled for a different CPU architecture. (Intel-based ATV's have an OS that is very closely related to Mac OS X 10.4.)

Mac OS X, the ATV's OS, and iOS are all based on the same underlying OS and kernel, Darwin and XNU respectively. You can download the XNU kernel source code for the latest Mac OS X and compile it for ARM. Indeed, I would expect that Apple have ARM-based systems in their labs running full desktop Mac OS X - they'd be functionally the same, but just wouldn't be binary compatible with existing Macs.

The UI layer for iOS is CocoaTouch - which is all about interacting with a touchscreen. ATV's interaction is a remote screen and a 6-key minimal keyboard (the Apple Remote). CocoaTouch is a very poor fit for that style of interaction.

Mac OS X compiled for ARM is not iOS. iOS compiled for Intel is not Mac OS X. ATV OS compiled for ARM, Intel, PPC, MIPS, Alpha, whatever is still ATV OS.

Seems like a lot of overhead for less features to be running the same OS. The older boxes won't be getting updates, which makes me think it is something other than what they were operating.

The iOS seems better suited for it, but I admit, it's just an assumption. As far as input is concerned, the touch interface would not work w/ a TV set, you are right but for many applications your iPad or iPhone could easily become the controller.

The only major limiting factor is a lack of disk space at this point in time.

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RE[3]: Meh...
by steve_s on Mon 6th Sep 2010 07:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Meh..."
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I'm saying that ATV will run an OS of it's own. Just like the old ATV did. It will be an OS of the same family as Mac OS X and iOS.

The old ATV effectively ran a version of Mac OS X 10.4. It has all the parts that it didn't need stripped out. There's no "lot of overhead for less features" since that overhead is gone.

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