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BeOS & Derivatives Clemens Zeidler, one of the spearheads for the Stack & Tile implementation on Haiku, has let the Haiku development mailing list know that a new and improved (and refactored) version of the feature has been committed to the Haiku source tree. This new version is no longer a hack into Haiku's app server itself, but is it's own decorator, in Haiku/Be parlance.
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Comment by Michael Oliveira
by Michael Oliveira on Wed 8th Sep 2010 00:23 UTC
Michael Oliveira
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I do not mean to offend you, maybe for my bad English you have misunderstood. I said: "My system has shown some flaws that were not there at alpha01, but post alpha02. They gave the solution: "use the alpha02" ;)

Regarding the problem of ACPI, here are the logs you requested:

and has much more, as I said, people appear daily with the same problem, such as Megaf from our #haiku-br.

This discussion is totally meaningless, since that the release notes of alpha2 show that there are known problems in the ACPI.

You even corrected some flaws post Alpha2, like ticket#4623

What I mean is: be more careful before posting anything, because there are people who use every day what you're doing. If I, for example, do not do a good patch, scottmc will never send it upstream at Haikuports.

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RE: Comment by Michael Oliveira
by TQH ! on Wed 8th Sep 2010 06:53 in reply to "Comment by Michael Oliveira"
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First one isn't a ACPI problem, its interrupt routing, Second one is merely a suggestion to test without ACPI.
Third one, alpha 2 hadn't even been released.

Was this your list of 'hundreds of others who appear every day'.
I know about the release notes, it was just enabled and we wanted people to know that they are testing alpha software.

I'm done talking to you, wading thru lies and bullshit is not that much fun.

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