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Games I've often harped on Apple for its policy regarding jailbreaking, but of course, Apple isn't the only company engaging in such practices. We already talked about Motorola, and now, we have Sony - already a company with a checkered past when it comes to consumer rights. As it turns out, Sony don't want you jailbreaking your their Playstation 3.
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RE[6]: Ridiculous
by saynte on Wed 8th Sep 2010 08:16 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Ridiculous"
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Yeah, I agree it's not a clear area. However, if one writes (for example) a C program, and you have

#include "other_lib.h"

You effectively have a derivative work, I would guess, as the C pre-processor has effectively gone and inlined that .h file into your .c file. If the header file was GPL... there could be an argument there.

In any case, I guess the issue would actually have to be tested before a more concrete answer could be found.

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