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Hardware, Embedded Systems So, we have Intel and AMD. These guys are doing pretty well in laptops, servers, and of course desktops, but when it comes to mobile devices, they've so far been unable to adapt the x86 architecture to the stricter requirements that come with those devices. ARM, on the other hand, pretty much owns this market at this point. And you know what? It's time for Intel and AMD to get worried - really worried. ARM has just announced its Cortex-A15 MPCore chips - which will reach 2.5Ghz in quad-core configurations.
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Intel? AMD?
by Robrt on Thu 9th Sep 2010 22:53 UTC
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I don't think they are going after Intel, nor AMD. They are primarily protecting their existing market shares. Desktop computers and servers ... yeah right...

The A15 is a natural evolution of the Cortex A9 and it will go into similar products, such as smartphones and iPads. Performance requirements will surely get tougher with new exciting online content yet to be developed in the three years to come.

My interpretation of the press release says they have a desire to grow in the telecom and datacom equipment markets where they typically compete against the Power architecture (e.g. Freescale), not Intel. Here virtualization becomes important and it is a trend that can be observed in many embedded multicore processors at the moment.

Some virtualization use-cases can be found here:

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