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Google TechCrunch held a little in-promptu poll a few days ago, asking its readers why they chose to go with Android instead of something else. Most people stated they choose Android because of "openness". The author of the article calls this "a load of crap", arguing that because carriers can do with Android as they so desire, the reality now is that Android isn't open. Clearly, the author doesn't get openness.
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RE: Open to whom?
by Bounty on Fri 10th Sep 2010 16:52 UTC in reply to "Open to whom?"
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Android is not open to users. Vendors, yes. But not to users. Now to backstep a bit...sophisticated users with plenty of time on their hands can do "wonderful" things with Android.

Lets ask. Is linux 'open' to generic users? I could sell a PC with linux pre-loaded with a bunch of 'uninstallable' bloatware (unless you're a 'hacker'.) Would that suddenly make linux not open? NO. Joe public could still get my source and do anything he wants with it that is allowed by the license and within reach of his ambition.

There is exactly 1 vendor who supplies iPhones. That is obviously not open. There are a $#!+ ton of vairious Android phones. Some with a keyboard, some are clamshell, some small, some large, some fast, some cheap. That IS choice.

In closing.

Go build a vending machine, RC airplane or sexbot. Or if you want to do something really crazy, a phone YOU coinsider "open."

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