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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris It's been a troubling couple of weeks for Mandriva, but I decided not to report on it since I found it hard to unravel the events leading up to all this. Now, though, the story has come to its (logical) conclusion: now that most of Mandriva's employees have been laid off, they came together and forked Mandriva. Enter Mageia.
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by google_ninja on Mon 20th Sep 2010 14:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Linux distro #37264828737"
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re the 1% article, it was a great mix of common sense and downright stupidity.

He is right that the numbers don't add up. That's because that hitslink site is about what is actually being used, not what is sold or bought.

The over counting of windows is a new one to me, I would imagine windows dramatically under counted -- most corporate/governament networks are only visible to the outside world as a single IP addresses, and most corporate/governament networks are 100% MS.

Using sales numbers doesn't really mean anything. At my first job, I remember needing a few crappy machines for something. An IT guy brought me into a basement room filled with probably about 300 several years old NT4 machines. If you looked at sales stats, those all would have been considered windows machines. In this case, I have many friends who have netbooks, but they all installed either xp, windows 7, or osx on them. Hitslink would catch that, netbook sales numbers wont.

At the end of the day, the hitslink numbers should not be taken as gospel, but they are by far the most reliable actual usage numbers we can get.

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