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Apple I love OSNews, but it does seem like some of its editors enjoy just a little too much taking a good natured jab at Apple upon occasion (well, more like every chance that particular editor can get). I thought it time for a little good news and analysis about Apple that critics often overlook.
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RE[6]: Comment by Tuishimi
by Tuishimi on Tue 21st Sep 2010 21:17 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Tuishimi"
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Kaiwai. I DID make my points and you just talked around them, providing your own personal opinion about what you THINK I meant by my posts. Not what I was saying. I got pissed because you obviously are not reading what I am writing and trying to play semantical games with my very simple original point. You just look for something to argue about and you continued to attack me, likely hoping I would lose my temper like I did. And you are STILL putting YOUR thoughts into MY words, making them something other than they were.

I said (try taking this literally could you?): I built a mac pro clone (internals, obviously not the layout and outer case) for $1500.

How can you possibly read all the stuff (you wrote many many paragraphs expounding on that) you wrote into that sentence?

Honestly, you think TOO MUCH. You are trying to read stuff into sentences that just are not there. What pissed me off is that YOU were putting words/thoughts in MY mouth that just weren't being said.

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