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Features, Office LibreOffice is the provisional name of a community-led fork of OpenOffice that is to be developed under the umbrella of a European based non-profit to be named The Document Foundation. This should break OpenOffice free from the shackles of Sun/Oracle, hopefully leading to a faster and more inclusive development cycle.
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RE: How about IDE(ology)Office?
by cmost on Tue 28th Sep 2010 21:21 UTC in reply to "How about IDE(ology)Office?"
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Did your reply have a point other than to glorify Apple's proprietary Macintosh and Microsoft's Office? If you want to be a slave to proprietary software, it's your choice but don't knock F/OSS or GNU/Linux because you couldn't be bothered to give it half a chance. Personally, I've used OpenOffice on my Linux workstation interchangeably with MS Office (which I'm forced to use at work) for several years without any major problems. I found that I have the best luck using the older *.doc/.xls/.ppt instead of the newer *.docx/.xlsx/.pptx, etc. Further, I use nearly 100% F/OSS software on my home workstations, laptops and servers and have done so for years now and without once longing for my former days of using Windows and proprietary software.

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