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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Pirating Android apps is a long-standing problem. But it seems to be getting worse, even as Google begins to respond much more aggressively. The dilemma: protecting developers' investments, and revenue stream, while keeping an open platform.
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Well that sounds like the lamest excuse for piracy so far.

It takes less than 10 minutes to setup an account and if you don't have credit card then you can use paypal or buy a prepaid account at the store.

Anyone who can afford an iphone can afford $1 apps, end of story. This is just another case of people pirating because they don't want to pay. It's freaking lame and shouldn't be excused.

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Actually, they cannot use Paypal either. At least here in France, setting up a bank account (required for Paypal) requires being 18 or older.

The prepaid system is only valid for Apple, though it's a very valid point when Apple is concerned. We're in 2010, and there's still no simple and standardized way to buy online cash.

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It obviously isn't an excuse, but I find it more believable than refusing to buy an app for what is essentially couch change.

I don't have any experience with Android, but as far as I know PayPal is not an option for iOS.

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