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OSNews, Generic OSes This is a painful article to write. I've been a longtime fan and user of what is affectionately known as PC/GEOS over the years. However, I'm fearing we're nearing the end of GEOS.
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Big fan of Geoworks
by rogerufo on Thu 7th Oct 2010 19:59 UTC
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I would still be using Geoworks ( or Ensemble ) today if it weren't so hard to get it running on a newer computer. I never was able to get it working properly under XP and haven't even tried Windows 7. As for the newsgroups, I haven't posted in a long time since my ISP ( Verizon FIOS ) dropped access to news groups.

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RE: Big fan of Geoworks
by mjhi11 on Thu 7th Oct 2010 20:45 in reply to "Big fan of Geoworks"
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If you're interested the most active news group regarding PC/GEOS is over at Yahoo Groups. There's quite a debate going on there even as we speak. Yahoo Groups doesn't require IRC or login but if you want to post you must have a Yahoo! identity.

And you are right, it was/is a bear to get running under XP. Some of it had/has to do with a bug in the code that caused it to crash on faster computers but there's now a fix. DOSBox is my preferred method as I can run it from a portable drive under OS X, Windows or Linux, but that install is a little involved too.

That's just one of the points that the community has complained about, Breadbox's heart just doesn't seem to be in the desktop version of PC/GEOS anymore.

First based on price ($99.00 is way too expensive these days)

And second, they refuse to explore different ways they could package/sell it.

- Pre-built VMware, Parallels and VirtualBox virtual drives.

- Pre-built thumb drives using Linux And/or DOSBox as a host.

- Pre-built downloads that would run on OS X, Linux and Windows using DOSBox.

- As an $50 to $100 "appliance" like a PogoPlug for example.

Gee, a "virtual" drive would take virtually no effort at all and a DOSBox thumb drive just little more effort. Yes a Linux/DOSBox booting version and appliance are more difficult but do-able. But there just isn't much interest by Breadbox in advertising, selling or promoting the PC/GEOS desktop anymore.

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