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Google Google's big Android chief Andy Rubin has given an interview to PC Magazine, in which he touches on some interesting topics. Sadly, PC Magazine didn't ask about the patent situation and why Google is seemingly letting its OEMs fend for themselves, but there's still a lot of other interesting stuff in there.
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RE[2]: Keep drinking that Kool-Aid
by gus3 on Sat 9th Oct 2010 21:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Keep drinking that Kool-Aid"
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Linux always "forced" you to go open source

Really? Because the last I knew, Nvidia's VGA driver was proprietary, and one of the first WYSIWYG word processors on Linux was Word Perfect.

Plus, Android isn't the only Linux-based embedded system out there.

The GPL allows that, explicitly: the kernel-user barrier is the boundary of GPL requirements from the kernel. Any user-space GPL requirements, are due to using user-space GPL components. Hence, it is possible to create a Linux-based system, where the only GPL component is the Linux kernel.

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