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Google Google's big Android chief Andy Rubin has given an interview to PC Magazine, in which he touches on some interesting topics. Sadly, PC Magazine didn't ask about the patent situation and why Google is seemingly letting its OEMs fend for themselves, but there's still a lot of other interesting stuff in there.
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Buying phones outright...
by TemporalBeing on Mon 11th Oct 2010 18:25 UTC
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nobody is stopping you from buying the phone outright (you know, like you buy other stuff) and flip the carrier the bird.

Actually, carriers are actively against it. While you can buy a phone out-right from a manufacturer, you still end up with a phone customized for the carriers and all their annoying stuff, just paying a lot more for it; and the OEMs typically want you to assign a contract to it.

Now T-Mobile and AT&T are a little different. They are a little less-evil in this situation due to using SIM cards for the phones; while every other US carrier uses tech that essentially requires you to take the phone to them to get it on your account.

The Google Nexus One has been perhaps the only phone on the market - even for its limited market life - that was truly free of the carriers. It's sad that they stopped selling it directly.

So no, there is a lot stopping you from buying the phone outright and actually having a useful phone; there have been few exceptions.

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RE: Buying phones outright...
by Neolander on Mon 11th Oct 2010 19:26 in reply to "Buying phones outright..."
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Looks like it's not the case everywhere. Here in France at least, SIM cards and GSM are everywhere, making phones compatible with all networks, and everyone can buy an un-tainted phone from the vendor directly...

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RE: Buying phones outright...
by mrasool on Mon 11th Oct 2010 20:49 in reply to "Buying phones outright..."
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It's not the case here in India either. All CDMA and GSM operators provide R-UIM and SIM cards respectively. All CDMA phones except for BlackBerry have an R-UIM slot, even the ones that are locked to the operator.
Simply because CDMA is dysfunctional in North America does not mean that it is the same all over the world.

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