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Google Interesting little digging from TechCrunch's MG Siegler: as it turns out, Google's Chrome OS is nearing completion. The company is currently testing a release candidate build, and has reiterated that devices running Chrome OS will arrive later this year.
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RE[3]: "use cases" for Chrome OS
by Feanor on Wed 13th Oct 2010 12:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: "use cases" for Chrome OS"
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Thats including 10 seconds for that silly HTC video to play when the phone boots right?

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If you mean the animation where the phone writes "HTC quietly brilliant" on the screen... yes. The animation has really nothing particular, it's rather mediocre.
Hopefully, something will be actually happening behind the scenes. Each time I wonder what could be so time-consuming in a stupid phone's boot process.

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Well, it's easy to explain. Consider that DOS took around 30s to boot the hardware of the old days, and Windows 7 and Mac OS X still take about the same time on hardware that's thousands of time faster.

How is that possible ? Software bloat. At each new releases, the devs of modern operating systems aim for that 30s mark, arguing that if people don't complain about it enough it's just good enough. Good enough by good enough, they save a lot of development time in optimization, and it just works as long as hardware processing power is growing according to Moore's law...

Now, what happens when some manufacturer releases a new product based on old hardware, like a smartphone or a netbook, and tries to stick a desktop OS on top of it ? On that slower hardware, the wasted power hurts performance more than expected by the OS manufacturer. And we get 45s to 1min boot times, among other things like crappy battery life. Blame the hardware manufacturer for not putting a core i7 and a 4400 mAH/12.7V battery in the device.

The more I work on my OS, the more I'm horrified by how unnoticeable the performance impact of basic features now is. I'm growing more and more convinced that it's superfluous features that no one uses that are so much harming performance.

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