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Apple In this day and age of iOS this and iPad that you'd nearly forget it, but the gadget maker from Cupertino actually makes personal computers and an accompanying operating system as well. It's been nearly three years since the last substantial release, so it's about time: Apple has just announced a press event titled 'Back to Mac', with a lion on the invite.
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RE[5]: Comment by drcouzelis
by helf on Thu 14th Oct 2010 00:42 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by drcouzelis"
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Yeah, I really don't get the spindle hate. I have an SSD boot drive just because the lack of appreciative seek delay is so nice, but I also still have a massive HDD raid-5 for storage. I've rarely had a spindled drive go bad.

I know all the hdd failure horror stories, and I've had to replace my fair share of /other peoples/ drives, but its almost always caused by poorly ventilated cases with the drives being cakes in dust. Or they were deathstars :p

I have 15+ year old drives working fine. My IBM XT has its original 20mb hdd still that runs like new. We just, in the past year, started having hdd failures in out IBM netvistas at work that I have been replacing this year anyways. They all had IBM Deathstar drives and the machines are 10-11 years old.

I definitely do NOT trust all these "eco" and "green" drives... because spinning up and down constantly is a good idea *rolls eyes*

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