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In the News An interesting discussion is currently raging through the world of computing, or more accurately, through the world of bloggers and analysts. It basically comes down to this: should the iPad be included in laptop and desktop sales figures? If it is included - Apple becomes the largest PC manufacturer in the United States. But, if the iPad should be included - why not the modern smartphone?
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He said he wanted to write his own code on the iPad itself. I imagine he doesn't want to be bothered with writing code and constantly transferring the binaries just to test it out. Sure, dev kits usually come with emulators, but you need to perform real-world tests on the device itself since emulators don't provide the same experience as using the actual device.

You switch your build target to the device (plugged in through usb) hit build and run it on the device... It is very, very simple - you don't even need to bother with the emulator if you don't want to (I generally don't). Hell if you jailbreak it you don't even need to have a developer certificate...

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