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Windows "Windows 7 might be a massive commercial success and an undeniably rock solid piece of software, but Microsoft is apparently unwilling to rest on those soft and cozy laurels. Asked about the riskiest product bet the Redmond crew is currently developing, its fearless leader Steve Ballmer took no time in answering 'the next release of Windows'." Also of note in this same video interview thing: Ballmer states that Silverlight is now pretty much strictly a client, non-cross platform thing, while explicitly stating that when it comes to doing something universal, "the world's gone HTML5".
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I am not a supporter of any cult-like technology. I use what is useful. I care to leave a comment on the metainformation in the statements of Ballmer.

It is pretty obvious that Microsoft is losing at the moment (in terms of gradients). The market it created is being pulled underneath its feet by an amalgamation of technological advances.

Interestingly enough, however, Apple is grateful and is vehemently twisting the knife. But there is something ominous in the painting. I think Apple will realize it one way or another. To subdue is to care for. An oxymoron or not, if Apple wants to be king they will have to be the servant as well. They are not doing that; however wounded the sluggish bureaucratic behemoth Microsoft is, it is fighting for survival.

Apple on the other hand like the new kid on "teh" block strides and strolls. Pride - galore! Cult - galore! Shouts - galore! But in the same time a cul-de-sac of required technological imbecility on behalf of the consumer is the direction.

Funny times are ahead. Take popcorn and start building on your hardware skills.

Apologies for my lyrical expressionism ;-).

That's a very strange, and almost meaningless post. It started out ok, but then dissolved into silliness..

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