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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this was inevitable. After Samsung and Sony Ericsson abandoning Symbian for their line of smartphones, and after Symbian Foundation executive director Lee Williams leaving the company for "personal reasons", there's now a report that the Symbian Foundation is winding down its operations, in preparation for closing up shop entirely.
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I was kinda expecting Symbian to die.
by oiaohm on Wed 27th Oct 2010 22:10 UTC
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It has failed to bring in a lot of new blood.

Also the Linux kernel has progressed a long way since when Symbian was released. The upcoming 2.6.27 yes I know 3 months off. The first that will build successfully without the Linux Big Kernel lock. Does not seam like a big change for phones until you work out one of the biggest blockers to Linux suspending has been that lock and not knowing if its locking a critical section that has to be waited for or not.

Removal of the Big Kernel lock is not the end of the Linux internal design clean ups.

Here is the point. Symbian has the advantage embed because it was highly clean internally. But now its getting highly dated. Linux is catching up.

Other major change for Linux is wayland. More and more tool kits are support it. Again this is Linux progressing more to being like the rest of the graphical.

Screen sync data now travel threw the Linux kernel API's. So code can be set only to draw to screen after a sync. Something other OS's have been able todo for ages.

Distance Linux has closed from a technical12 point of view in 12 months is massive. Then you compare it to how far Symbian has moved in 12 months. Biggest Symbian move was QT being its universal toolkit between Linux and Symbian. I am sorry that is not something to write as a living OS. Its more a move of OS that suspects it going to be dead.

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