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Qt Recently a project called 'Qt Modularization' was initiated. This is a project that aims to modularize Qt at every level. As you may know already, Qt is currently modularized on the DLL level; each module has its own DLL. However, the project as a whole is still monolithic; all the code is hosted in a single repository, you cannot build a leaf module without building the modules on which it depends. This project aims to change that, so that the modules are hosted in different repositories, with separate maintainers, and modules may have different release schedules.
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RE: Just like the GTK+ folks, Good
by Delgarde on Thu 28th Oct 2010 23:51 UTC in reply to "Just like the GTK+ folks, Good"
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This is one thing the GTK+ (glib, gobject, cairo, pango, gio, gvfs, etc) folks got right and I'm glad Qt is following suit.

Not entirely right - the GTK family are coming away from the opposite extreme of having too many pieces to the puzzle, by merging some of them into the core - e.g libunique and the dbus-glib bindings merging into glib, libsexy and some of the libgnomeui widgets going into gtk+, etc.

It's a balancing act, really. Monolithic and modular both have advantages, both have disadvantages. The gtk+ folk seem to be finding a happy balance these days, and I guess the same will be true of the next few Qt releases...

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