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Legal Apple sued Motorola back. Who wants a Pop-Tart? Seriously, why don't they sell Pop-Tarts in The Netherlands? Why do I have to jump through so many hoops just to get Pop-Tarts? Or root beer for that matter? I mean, come on.
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In college I would purposely buy root beer so my European friends wouldn't mooch it. They all agreed that it tastes like medicine.

We used to get Rootbeer in McDonalds in the UK for years. It was before McDonalds used to sell Coca Cola (don't aske me what it was before that time - "unbranded".) Sometime in the mid 1990's they stopped Rootbeer and went Coca Cola.

We also had pop-tarts. I don't know if we still get them, as they weren't all that popular. Like a lot of things, unlike the US, we don't tend to eat such high sugar breakfast cereals/products and so I guess they are probably gone. We had Lucky Charms at one point and they went away too. And Mountain Dew, though you can sometimes still find that.

I love Rootbeer though! I always get Mug when I'm in the US or Canada.

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